How To Stay Safe When COVID-19 Is Spreading At 125+ Cases/hr

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In the times of pandemic, only those survive who act as responsible citizens. More importantly, those who do not only think about themselves but others too. As we are seeing a rapid rise in the COVID-19 cases, it is very important to take care of a few things.

Apart from only Allah’s will, we are also responsible for our own health. These are a few things we should be careful about in order to stay safe.

Know The Signs And Symptoms

The symptoms of infection for the new coronavirus are often similar to those of other respiratory virus infections, such as influenza. Symptoms can include fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Most people will only have mild symptoms, but some can become very sick.

Keep Things Clean

Keeping things clean is not only about cleaning your shopping bags that you just brought in. It is also about keeping the stuff you daily use, clean.
That includes:

  • Shoes
  • Mobile phone
  • Hang bag
  • ATM cards
  • Currency notes

Maintain Your Distance

Either you go out or someone comes to your place, it is very important to maintain a safe distance of at least 6ft. Firstly, it is not preferred to welcome someone to your place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if they do, make a clear statement that you’re following safety protocols so nobody violates it.

  • Do not go for a handshake
  • A hug is not even an option

Though it might be too difficult to maintain distance from your loved ones, do remember that you’re doing this for their safety too.

Do Not Invite Anyone At Your Place

No matter how much someone asks you to come over or shows up at your place, please do not risk your safety. In these times, even a little irresponsible behaviour can bring massive upsets. Save your meetups and hangouts for later as they’re only possible if you’re healthy and on your feet.

Opt For Online Grocery Shopping

People are ‘Only’ leaving their houses for grocery shopping apparently but ends up visiting two or three other stops. Do not do that!!
It is requested to please do your grocery shopping online as there are a lot of websites offering same day deliveries. Don’t forget to sanitise the grocery bags when they arrive!

Disinfect Your Home Frequently

Make a DIY disinfectant spray at home and disinfect everything including:

  • Floors
  • Doorknobs
  • Anything that has been in contact with more than one person

It is very important to take care of these protocols if we want to survive the spike in this COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll have to behave like responsible citizens as there are thousands of lives dependant on us.

A Word From Marham

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Stay Safe Stay Home.

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